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Everyone likes to take pictures when they’re on their holidays, but how can you improve your photos? Below are my tips for better travel photography:

Be Unique

Thousands of people will have snapped the same things as you are, make your pictures unique. Different angles are a great way to achieve this.

Get off the Beaten Track

Try taking pictures of locals, or of other local buildings; Photographing other subjects, rather than just the popular landmarks gives a more complete story

Know your Equipment

This one sounds obvious, but the number of people I have met who have bought a new camera and don’t know how to use it, is unbelievable.

Be Creative

Try out a variety of techniques when taking pictures. Examples include long exposure or motion blur.

Be Colourful

Make sure the pictures you take are bright; you can always touch them up afterwards, but photos taken during a late, sunny afternoon will be better than those photoshopped.

Take photos in different Styles

Nature and action shots are a great way to fill out a travel album, pictures of local wildlife are a great example of this.


Toronto Reflection

Quite an old picture this one, taken from the Toronto islands on my trip to Canada back in summer 2006. When taking this picture I was really just focussed on the framing of the photo. I wanted to add a detail to the skyline, to differentiate my picture from that of others; I saw the red canoe and added that in, I was also wanted to fit in more buildings than just the CN and the Rogers Building (The white dome to the left)

My Personal Critique:

This image could use some improvement; the vegetation on the right is pretty intrusive to the image, and the reflection is not still to the right of the canoe.

The colours are quite good, a lot of blues and white in the picture. The red of the canoe really helps add to the colours in this photo.

To improve: Await a cleaner reflection or touch it up in synthetically. Also, crop the vegetation on the right from the picture

Do you have any comments or feedback?  Leave them below, or on my Flickr page.

Long Exposure

This is one of my more recent pictures, taken from the top of a narrow boat. I was aiming to stretch the lights travelling across the bridge, as well as blur the surroundings. Thi9s would draw the viewer into the centre of the image, where the more vibrant colours are.

To accomplish this, I Did two things:

  • I set my exposure to 30 seconds, this would capture the light traversing the bridge at multiple points, causing it to stretch. The long exposure also assists in the blurring of surroundings.
  • Secondly, I took the picture from the top of a narrow boat. This has the effect of adding detail into the frame , as well as creating the motion blur I had desired. Fortunately the bridge and the lights are unaffected as they are a long distance away.

My Personal critique:

I really love the colours in this picture, for the most part they are dull and slightly blue, however they contrast greatly with the bright, clear colours over the bridge.

The bluring of moth the light an the surroundings does a great job of adding motion to a reasonably stationery image.

In terms of framing the image, everything is satisfactory. The narrowboat leads the viewer up to the bridge, which is the central focus of the picture.

To improve: Some symmetry wouldn’t go amiss, and the orange tree on the left hand side of the bridge could be removed.

Do you have any comments or feedback?  Leave them below, or on my Flickr page.

I have just finished the re-structuring of this blog to be centred more around the subject of photography

The items I’m posting fall under 4 categories

My work
This contains analysis of my photography

This contains reviews of photography equipment

Tips and Techniques
What it says on the tin; my tips and techniques for other photographers.

Guest work
This contains analysis and comments on the work of others, I will be selecting a different photographer to feature each week (Contact me if you wish to be one of these)

I’m hoping to post daily over the summer period, however I will be taking breaks during my holidays. (Though the photographs to come from this should be worth the wait)


Yes, I have finally got around to creating a blog!

Its still under construction at the moment but when it’s completed It’ll feature photos,  equipment reviews in addition to tips and techniques.

For the time being you can visit to see my photographic work

A sample of my work

‘til next time, bon voyage!

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