Quite an old picture this one, taken from the Toronto islands on my trip to Canada back in summer 2006. When taking this picture I was really just focussed on the framing of the photo. I wanted to add a detail to the skyline, to differentiate my picture from that of others; I saw the red canoe and added that in, I was also wanted to fit in more buildings than just the CN and the Rogers Building (The white dome to the left)

My Personal Critique:

This image could use some improvement; the vegetation on the right is pretty intrusive to the image, and the reflection is not still to the right of the canoe.

The colours are quite good, a lot of blues and white in the picture. The red of the canoe really helps add to the colours in this photo.

To improve: Await a cleaner reflection or touch it up in synthetically. Also, crop the vegetation on the right from the picture

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