This is one of my more creative pictures, a combination of two in fact. I was aiming to take create an eye that shows electricity in som way.

To achieve this I had to do a number of things:

  • I took a long exposure picture of a tesla-ball, which created the purple pupil effect. The exposure was just over 3 seconds; anything greater created a pupil that was way too light, not what I wanted for the picture.
  • I then took a picture of my eye. I tried to get a little bit of my hair included, as well as trying to capture a bit of the curve of my face. (This can be seen with the darkening to the right hand side of the photo)
  • Finally I replaced the pupil of my eye with the circular tesla-ball picture. I then played around with blending the two images together; the final product is still pretty rough, but hopefully I should be able to clean it up at some point in the future.

My Personal Critique:

I like the colours in the photo, the pupil colour is nice and deep, and the skin tone is acceptable, though slightly orange in places.

The composition of the image is reasonable, though the hair could be clean up a little.

In terms of  the image combination; the pupil could be a little rounder, and the white of the eye smoothed out.

The textures in the image are good, with a reasonable number in the mix. I do, however, think that the texture of the skin could be smoothed. The result of this would be to reduce drama in that area, pulling the viewers’ eye towards the pupil, rather than allowing it to wander.

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