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Hey everyone, not a long post today.

this is a link to my profile on 500px, which is a new photo sharing site. Quite like flickr, but my better visually

Come check it out! Also, feel free to follow me (when you have your own profile)


I have just finished the re-structuring of this blog to be centred more around the subject of photography

The items I’m posting fall under 4 categories

My work
This contains analysis of my photography

This contains reviews of photography equipment

Tips and Techniques
What it says on the tin; my tips and techniques for other photographers.

Guest work
This contains analysis and comments on the work of others, I will be selecting a different photographer to feature each week (Contact me if you wish to be one of these)

I’m hoping to post daily over the summer period, however I will be taking breaks during my holidays. (Though the photographs to come from this should be worth the wait)


Yes, I have finally got around to creating a blog!

Its still under construction at the moment but when it’s completed It’ll feature photos,  equipment reviews in addition to tips and techniques.

For the time being you can visit to see my photographic work

A sample of my work

‘til next time, bon voyage!

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