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Inanimate Emotions

This is one of my more experimental photos, I was just playing around with different materials and lighting to try to create emotion. In this instance the material was plasticine

To accomplish this, I took several steps

  • First I sculpted the shape, taking a ball and then flattening the sides. I then added the details with a sharp knife
  • Following this I experimented with various lighting, decided that silhouetting was not right and ended up with lighting it from the side to accentuate the imprints
  • I then took the picture, in auto mode. Before loading onto the computer to clean up a few cracks, and to boost the contrast a little.

My Personal critique:

The colours in this picture are acceptable, though there is a limited range. This actually helps the picture to portray a reflective emotion by reducing distractions and jolly colours

Framing and composure is pretty good, the rule of thirds is in use, and all the required / desired elements are included in the image

In relations to the objective, I would say that this photo is successful. It has created an interesting atmosphere that I would struggle to replicate with a more complex set of subjects

To improve: I would clean up the background of the image,to further reduce distraction and thus increase the power of emotions portrayed

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This is one of my long(ish) exposure pictures. I was aiming to capture multiple fireworks in a way that enhanced the view, rather than just documenting it

To achieve this I did a number of things:

  • I set up my camera on a tripod, then played around with the settings for a while.
  • After much experimentation I settled on 15 seconds as my exposure. To capture a reasonable amount of spread, whilst not over exposing the image
  • I also set my ISO down to 80, this reduced the noise in the image.
  • In terms of timing, I started the exposure before the firework launched, to be able to see the launch trail on the final image

My Personal Critique:

The colours in this photo are great, there is a range of reds and oranges throughout the image

The composition of the image is good, with the foliage framing the main subject in the centre.

In terms of  the image clarity, things could be improved. There appears to be a little vibration during the exposure, perhaps starting on a remote shutter or timer would aleviate this issue

To improve this image I would use a remote shutter and decrease the exposure slightly. However the framing should stay as it is.

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